Self Management of Excessive Tension

FREE Admission. Simple Pranayam and Self Management of Excessive Tension

35 minutes session of easy yoga postures,slow rhythmic breathing deep relaxation and rest


Date and Time – Sat, Sept. 21, 7am to 9am EST

Cost – Complimentary to all

Requirements – No previous experience required. Please bring a YOGA mat and a beach towel.

Flyer in PDF

Self Management of Excessive Tension [SMET] a program developed based on more than 35 years of in-depth study in the field of Yoga and Spirituality by Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana ( SVYASA is a unique institution recognized by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) as a center of Advanced Research in Yoga & Neurophysiology. It is also the largest Yoga University, recognized by UGC and has produced thousands of instructors, graduates, post-graduates and PhDs in Yoga science.

SMET Trainer - Mr. Asok Kumar joined SVYASA Yoga University in 2001 and finalized successfully the SMET instructions course in 2002. Since then Asok has been teaching executives of various companies in stress management. He travels frequently and has given SMET classes in US, NZ, Australia, and Turkey.

Pranayama Trainer - Mrs. Shanta Kumar has a Master's Degree in Yogic Science from the SVYASA University. Shanta teaches Pranayama and other simple techniques to enhance overall health.

For more info email to or call (804) 608-YOGA (9642).