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Ayurvedic Detox Challenge Restoration to Normal Schedule

Even after you complete the seven days of the cleanse, your body will still be processing the toxins that may have been stirred into circulation. And, your digestive system will have become accustomed to a very clean diet and will be somewhat sensitive to overly stimulating or processed foods. Therefore, a slow transition back to a more diverse diet and back into your normal routine is critically important. This three-day period is a chance to buffer your system and to rekindle Jadara Agni (digestive fire) so that it can handle more complex foods.


Three Days of Restoration Process

Day 1(29th April): Introduce dairy products into one of the meals of this day.  Choose any one of milk/cheese/unsweetened yogurt/cottage cheese. You can have one cup of coffee or tea, but if avoided it's better.  One teaspoon of sugar is allowed for the day.


Day 2 (30th April): Introduce one kind of protein for your lunch. This can be a vegetarian or a nonvegetarian source. Try to have some soup and salad for your dinner. Breakfast can be cereal with milk or porridge or poha/upma/veg sandwich. No fermented food recommended. One teaspoon of sugar.


Day 3 (1st May): You can plan as per your need, however try to have your heaviest meal in your lunch and have a light dinner. One teaspoon of sugar.


Start and introduce any new food one by one that is the key to being healthy.


Note: After the detox challenge, you can continue daily breathing practices and meal schedule.  As these have a long-term impact on your overall health.