EkaDashi upavasa

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UpaVasa, UpaSana

EkaDashi = 11 senses (sense of actions + Senses of perception + Mind)

2022 EkaDashi Calendar (PDF)

JunkDNA (Telomere) = piece of DNS carries no information. Every time when cell duplicate junk DNA lost. The less junk DNS lose your life will be longer. To increase life, reduce the rate of cell splitting, less JunkDNA lost.  Low calorie in take less the lost of telomere. Eating meat, more sex, more alcohol more telomere. 

Scientific experiment on 20% reduction of calorie in take of 14 students for 15 days. Result was really nice but students started feeling very week. By regular experiment they came to know fasting 36 hours once in two weeks you can reduce loss of telomere in DNA. 36 hours – sunset of dasami to sunrise of Ekadasi is 12hours and then 24 hours of that day.  Cell duplication is lesser when we fast 36hours and loss of telomere is very smaller pieces. Everyone between 8years and 80 years.

Why not you eat grains on ekadasi?   Astronomically moons affects the high tides and low tides in the ocean and create tastes in the crops. Attractions and pull of moon caused the high tides in the ocean. The maximum pull of the moon occurs between dasami (10th day of moon) to dwadasi (12th day of moon).

Note: If you eat meat, you need to fast for one month to reduce compensate the loss of Telomere.